Hey! I’m Julian Weng.

I’m passionate about the development and policy of technology in facilitating childhood education. I am looking to hone my understanding of childhood education and gain new technological insights that could be used in the elementary age afterschool programs I teach and beyond, and will write about my journey in this blog.

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Chatbots in Childhood Education

Advanced chatbots, using conversational, contextual AI, have versatile and promising applications. Chatbots have many advantages inherent within an automated platform, including promptness of response, scalability and accessibility. Recent advances have also increased the amount of personalization a chatbot can offer. This is especially evident when compared to existing communication methods such as mass emails and … Continue reading Chatbots in Childhood Education

The Winners and Losers in Childhood Development

In a 2013 study at Stanford University, 48 infants of diverse economic socioeconomic status (SES) were tracked from 18 – 24 months of age and measured in language proficiency. Researchers found that at 18 months, children of higher SES were already significantly better off in vocabulary and language processing efficiency, and by 24 months, there … Continue reading The Winners and Losers in Childhood Development

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