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Engineering applied.

Applying quantitative and computational methods to create value and solve problems across multiple disciplines.

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Hi! I am currently a Sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania studying in the Management and Technology dual-degree program, pursuing undergraduate degrees from Wharton and Engineering.

From High School, I have been pursuing the intersection between social sciences, economics, and technologies to better understand and resolve problems. This has included multiple award-winning submissions to online hackathons, solving real-world problems using code, as well as an interest in Chatbots, using machine learning to prevent dementia, provide personal education, and improve sales leads.

At Penn, I aim to continue this passion in the world of Finance and beyond, partipating in extracurriculars and taking classes ranging from Accounting to Platform Capitalism to Text Analytics to Computer Architecture.

<b><i>"Anxiety is the dizziness of <u>freedom.</u>"</b> - Søren Kierkegaard</i>

About Me


Data Analytics
Effective Communication
Python / Pandas


Rasa chatbot

Chatbot that dynamically helps students practice essential quantitative concepts outside of the classroom using RASA + Transformers.

Pridesum screenshot

Methodology for the leveraging of scalable, web3 Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) to organize and fund LGBTQ+ and allied activism.

CollegeViz screenshot

Web-based visualization for socioeconomic datastreams, iluminates societal trends in opportunity stemming from of higher education.

MuMoa diagram

Development of chatbot and related two-part evaluation framework of a multi-modal approach to chatbot development; paper written.

Stock image of a person pointing upwards

Mobile-first webapp helping people find and share free food around campuses, workplaces, and cities; Uses Next.js + Convex. Try us out at!

Julian in a suit on the Philly SEPTA
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